Getting Ready for Christmas

Kia Ora Whanau We are so excited for Christmas. Our teachers have been busy doing some fun exciting Christmas activities with our children. Our tamariki were doing some problem solving by designing cool Lego designs. It encouraged a lot of thought and critical thinking. Christmas arts and crafts implementing fine motor skills and lots of concentrat...
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Taking time to slow down and appreciate our surroundings at Kids Count Pukekohe.

 A lovely day for a Picnic under our trees taking time to slow down and appreciate our surroundings.  Appreciating all Matua Henry's hard work as he continues to keep our lovely grounds beautiful for our tamariki.  Our Tamariki love to help Matua in the environment.   The relationships that have developed with our tama...
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Web blog for 8th November 2021 to 12th November

This week teachers were busy doing Christmas decoration in their rooms. The learning experiences were also based on Christmas. Children did Magic milk experiment for Christmas. This week water play was also introduced back after lockdown. Tamariki were very excited to play with water. Pinecone painting and wooden stick...
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Collecting and counting our chicken eggs.

WOW today the children collected our chickens eggs......they then sat with Whaea Kathryn and counted the eggs......20 yummy eggs altogether....the tamariki wanted to take some home to share with their Whānau.....two eggs each.....Whānau I hope they survived the car ride home 😍. I wonder how many eggs our beautiful chickens will lay for us tomorrow ...
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Music -Waiata

 Music -Waiata Level 3 Lockdown meant much smaller numbers of children attending, and with a few new rules and regulations in place. But that hasn't stopped us from having fun and sharing some creative activities for the children to explore and have fun with. Today we made some musical instruments together, some shakers and clappers. What grea...
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Meaningful Interactions and Learning as the Tamariki re-create their Learning Environment.

Here at Kids Count Pukekohe we have some very creative, imaginative tamariki who enjoy re-creating their own learning environment with a variety of different resources throughout their day. Creative play is a vital part of childhood and child development. It is expressed when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way and also when chi...
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Learning through Building and Construction.

LEARNING THROUGH BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION Lately we have noticed the children taking a real interest in building and construction. This is a wonderful learning experience that provides such great learning opportunities for the children as they learn to work with and alongside each other learning about visual perceptions and spatial awareness and o...
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Exploring the chemical reaction of Ice and Salt.

 Exploring Ice and Salt. Here at Kids Count Pukekohe our children love to get creative with all sorts of different resources. This week in our bubbles we explored Ice, one of our favourite science experiments that is lots of fun and the children love watching the chemical reaction as the Ice and salt meet. This activity provides the children w...
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Carpentry – Taatai Raakau

 Carpentry – Taatai Raakau Matua James has a passion for Carpentry, this month Matua James made a carpentry table for the children at Kids Count Pukekohe which has intrigued the tamariki as they have become very interested in Carpentry. Matua James was able to share the safety rules of the carpentry able and tools with the children before they...
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The therapeutic value of animals at Kids Count Pukekohe

Having animals in the ECE environment can be hugely beneficial for children for several reasons. The companionship the animals offer, the opportunity for children to learn to nurture and care for another creature, learning to be responsible and follow instructions about how to behave around animals are some of the more well-known benefits. Some of ...
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Thank you Matua Henry

 Our awesome CSS team mowed the lawns at the centre for Matua Henry while he was on annual leave this week.....then dropped off a special package to him to say a BIG THANK YOU to him for everything he does for us at the centre as well as the love he shows not only our tamariki that attend the centre but out team.
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New exciting changes

The team at Kids Count Marne Road are so excited for our Tamariki and Whanau with the new learning environment we've created. The learning environment is the 3rd teacher and helps our children to settle in and feel like it is a home away from home. We've been so busy  even though its been Lockdown. We've had lots of fun celebrating Diwali...
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Introducing the Kaiarataki Room.

Kia Ora Friends and Whānau, We have some very exciting news to share.  We would like to introduce Whaea Hanna who will be the Lead Teacher of our transition to school room.  Whaea Hanna and Whaea Puhi will be working alongside the tamariki in this room which has a beautiful new name. The rooms new name is the Kaiarataki room. &n...
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August and September 2021

Kia Ora and warm greetings to all our tamariki and whanau!  Since our lockdown on August the 18th, our Kaiako have continued to keep the connection with our tamariki going with our online learning video clips, uploaded daily onto our Facebook page and Storypark.  Our activities catered for the emergent interests of our tamariki obser...
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Environments and Routines.

 Environments and Routines. Here at Kids Count Pukekohe our flexible routines allow times for individual play/learning, small group and large group play sessions. Children's language and literacy skills are further developed during these times as children are involved in mat-times, learning times, storytelling, drama and games. Music and movem...
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Painting and Drawing - peita me te tuhi

 Painting and drawing At Kids Count Pukekohe the Senior room tamariki have been using a diversity of tools and equipment to explore art activities and experiences. They love exploring using their all their senses and it offers the children an opportunity to express their ideas and feelings. The tamariki have so much fun getting involved in art...
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Our Mini Olympics - Sports Day at Kids Count Pukekohe

 Our own mini–Olympic sports day at Kids Count Pukekohe. The children enjoyed watching short clips of the athletes competing in the Olympic events. At mat-time the children discussed having their own Olympics sports day. The Kaiako asked the tamariki what sports they would like to do and try. From the children's interest in the Olympics, we de...
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Celebrating Graduations at Kids Count Pukekohe

 Graduations at Pukekohe Kids Count Turning the big 5 is exciting and going to big school is even more exciting. This is a massive milestone transitioning to big school and at Kids Count Pukekohe we want to celebrate that milestone for every child that turns 5.We want to ensure that their transition to Primary School is as smooth and as exciti...
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Making a bubble blower with a milk bottle and some dish wash liquid.

 Making a bubble blower with a milk bottle and some dish wash liquid. Here is a great free children's Craft idea during lockdown, making a bubble blower. You will need an empty milk bottle. A parent to help you to cut around the top of the empty milk bottle. (see pictures of Matua James how he has marked the milk bottle to cut) Some dish ...
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Cuddles has a video to share with our Kids Count Whanau

 Kia ora whanau, Hope you are all well.  Our special friend Cuddles called whaea Eva and said 'Whaea, I am so sad, I miss all my friends at kindy...when are they coming back?  Where have all my friends gone, why are they not comming to kindy? Do you think I can see my friends?' Whaea Eva,  then explained to Cuddles that the...
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