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School Holiday Programme

During the school holidays the children have the opportunity to participate in in our holiday programme. Some of the highlights were Bubbles day, Teddy bears picnic, baking biscuits and a walk to the playground.

Bubbles day!
The children explored making big bubbles with the bubble wands that were bigger than our heads! This took quite a bit of persistence and determination to master the process. You needed to make sure there was enough mixture on the wand and time lifting the wand quick enough to get some air pushing through to create a bubble but slow enough that the forming bubble didnt pop! 

Kailani has a turn after watching Amy successfully create a big bubble.
Kailani and Kaylee watching the big bubbles!
Amy showing Kailani and Kaylee how to create the bubbles with the big wands!
Kymani preferred the wand that allowed him to run to create the bubbles.

Teddy Bears Picnic!
We invited all of our soft and fluffy friends to join us for a picnic. We had the 'grass' and 'trees' set up to give the illusion of really being out in the woods with the teddy bears. We played the teddys bears picnic song while we sat and ate our yummy lunch. The children have the opportunity to engage in some dramatic/pretend play with the environment as the third teacher during this experience. They are being provided with the resources and support from the teachers to let their imaginations soar. 

Kymani taking care of his baby during the picnic.
ailani having a drink of water. She also took great care of her babies while we had the picnic.
Teddy Bears Picnic

Baking Biscuits!
The children experienced following a recipe to make something for afternoon. We ate yummy chocolate chip cookies together at afternoon tea. Through baking the children are developing their math concepts and also adding to their vocabulary. They will be also practicing their listening skills and how they can contribute to a group activity. The children are exploring concepts like taking turns, counting, sharing the space with their peers and being patient - a very tough one sometimes!

Walk to the Playground!
We are lucky to be fairly close to a playground within walking distance. We used some prams, a front pack and our legs to get down there. We stopped on a bridge to look at some ducklings on the way. The children used the swings, slide and other equiptment during our play. Getting outside in the fresh and into the community is always benefial for thldren. It allows us to connect with the outside world and make connections with nature, animals, people in the community and also encourages us to be active. 

James and Kailani on the swings
Kailani on the swing. She is holding on tight as the swing moves back and forth.
Violet and Petra on the blanket together.
James on the swing. Going fast!