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Building partnership

During our baby music session with the mums it was a real privilege to have Hinehou (Rinoa's mum) teach us a Māori song about our Tinana/Body.

The children and staff enjoyed this song as it was fun, it had actions which the children enjoyed, and it was teaching us about parts of the body in Te Reo Māori.Such a rich and exciting opportunity to build relationships and knowledge with our parents their children and us the centre staff.Also empower our children and their family to be involved with the learning and development of the children and the centre as a whole.

As our music sessions grow and develop we the teachers of Kids Count Tawa are encouraging our mums to share their cultures through music and dance as well as their language with us here in the centre.

Te Whaariki

(Belonging – Mana Whenua), (Contribution – Mana Tangata), and (Communication – Mana Reo).