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Early Literacy really matters!

Early literacy really matters

Early literacy really matters and the best way is to encourage this is through the love of books. Children will let you know their favourite book and will ask you to read it again and again and again. Show delight in the fact they enjoy dramatic pauses and repeating phrases as they can join in the story telling and they know what is coming next.

Sharing your child's favourite book not only helps your child recognise familiar words and print, know part of a book, how to turn pages but your child is also enjoying time with you, strengthening the bond between you and your child. If you find yourself saying " I can'tcontrol my child, he just does not listen" you will find spending time reading together will strengthen the emotional connection you have with your child, you will be able to increase the influence you have on their listening skills and behaviour.

If your child is toilet training, you can get story books from the library to help explain the feelings and when to go, written from a child's perspective. Reading with children whilst they sit on the toilet will also help them sit there a little longer.

You can use books to teach children about the different types of emotions and how to deal with them, most books have a hidden moral, my favourite book for this is "The big block of Chocolate" By Janet Slater Bottin. It teaches children about why it is good to share. After reading a book with your child, ask them questions about the story, what was their favourite part? Once your child knows the story well you could even retell the story using puppets, blocks, or their favourite toys, encouraging your child to be creative and recall information from memory, one of the foundation skills they need before writing their own story.

The time spent with your child reading, is time well spent for both of you. Watching their face light up when they come to their favourite part of the story will make you smile too. More and more studies are proving how beneficial reading with a parent is to a child, so why don't you sit down for five minutes with your child's favourite book and watch the magic appear.

By Lisa Jackaman

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