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Exploring outdoors together

 Over the past month we have tried to spend as much time as possible outdoors, as it starts to get cooler and our outdoor time will be limited. The children have engaged in a wide variety of activities whilst being outside. Our children love building with the giant Lego blocks. We recently received a new swing ball set which the children love. They stand in line waiting their turn to have a go.

On a daily basis the children are taken to the farm to collect eggs. We love our farm and our animals as they teach us such a wide variety of skills. The main being how to take care of animals and how we should treat them. The children are given the chance to collect eggs whilst at the farm this is a great skill as they are learning where we get eggs from. By allowing them into the farm we encourage and promote safety in their environment and also build on the children's confidence.

Whilst the children have outside time we try to expose them to different forms of sensory play, we then link this to our theme. This month it was celebrations as a number of our tamariki celebrated their birthdays. We have used sand to create birthday cakes and sticks for candles thus using nature to form part of our imaginative play

We are so fortunate to have such wide-open grounds that the children can engage with nature. We have an outdoor tree house. The children love playing " House House" or "shop shop" from our tea house.

By allowing the children time to freely engaged in their environment we encourage them to feel safe and explore different areas. As the children play we encourage relationship building and active communication throughout the activities and our time spent together