A couple of Mums from He Huarahi Tamariki got together with Justin the teacher at Kids Count Tawa – The Griffin School to organise some family time at the centre on Tuesday 28th February. The theme was 'Trolls party day'.

The children, parents and teachers all did their best to look like trolls, the children had their hair sprayed all different colours. The centre was decorated with balloons and streamers that had little trolls on them, even the food was troll themed with mini cupcakes, fairy bread, colourful popcrorn, marshmallows topped off with an ice-cream for everyone at the end. There was music and dancing. As you looked around the room all you could see were these gorgeous ear to ear grins that the children had on their faces. It was beautiful to see the children so happy. 

The nicest thing was that the kids were happy to have their parents and teachers/extended family all together enjoying the time together and for us mums to see the kids interact with each other and play nicely and sharing their food was amazing. The environment was just perfect that we have decided to do similar things at least once a term.

BLOG Written by Nikki Walker (Parent at Kids Count Tawa)