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Hikoi to the park

This week we went for a walk to the playground that is near Kids Count Tawa. There are so many learning opportunities for the children when we go out into the community. On our walk we discussed road safety - including watching for the signals from the trains (bells and barrier going down that we have to wait for, we talk about the things we can see, the children get the opportunity to learn about staying with the group and the younger children also have to navigate sitting in the big quad pram to get to the playground and back. While at the playground there were lots of opportunities for the children to develop their social skills. 

In the following video you can see both Nova and Jahrangi playing on the slide together. One of our teachers Kelsey is at the top offering support when it is required. Nova and Jahrangi are going down the slide together and after a few times Nova asks to have a turn holding onto Jahrangi's feet. When they get to the top of the slide there is some negotiation that takes place. Nova would like a turn but Jahrangi is a little worried about being on the bottom. They stand at the top of the slide and negotiate with each other with Kelsey's support. Jahrangi decided to try and be on the bottom but changed his mind when Nova started to climb onto his legs. Nova decided it was ok for him to have another turn on the bottom and let Jahrangi be on the top again. 

It was so delightful to see that Jahrangi knows his limits and is confident enough to articulate this. Nova showed empathy towards Jahrangi and instead of getting frustrated or upset he opted to go down the slide again together and be on the bottom.  

We walked back together to school, had lunch and then went to bed!