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Our pretend camp fire.

Who knew that having a camp fire 🔥 set up with tents ⛺️ ⛺️  could be so much fun!

Today the tamariki had lots of fun chilling by the camp fire, they enjoyed sitting in their pretend tents looking at books, sharing stories and their own experiences about staying in tents. 

As you could imagine there were lots of wonderful creative stories, followed by lots of laughter.

It was magical watching the tamariki having so much fun, re-enacting real life experiences, sharing  ideas and communicating with each other.

The tamariki had so much fun exploring, using their imaginations, role play, curiosity and social interaction providing opportunities for both new and repeat learning experiences.

Children learn through active exploration of the environment, through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things.
This was a great activity that offered the tamariki an opportunity to develop their social skills and enable them to establish and maintain friendships as they  participated reciprocally building  Whanaungatanga relationships.