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Routines - The importance especially during LOCKDOWN

We all know routines and rituals are important for our tamariki and ourselves. They are even more important now that we are in a lockdown. It is going to be tough being in our bubbles for atleast 4 weeks. Keeping a similar or creating a routine for you and your household will give you a sense of normality during this very uncertain time. Some of the benefits of encouraging a routine: 

  •  Contributes to good metal health - If you continue to follow a predictable routine for you and your tamariki they will have the opportunity to anticipate their day which helps them feel safe and secure and know what is going to happen next. If their routine is consistent it can act as an anchor in times of stress. It allows everyone to relax.
  • Creates and builds good habits - Allowing Tamariki the opportunity to follow a routine will help them build strong habits and develop their self help skills and independence which will create reliable self aware little humans! 
  • Promotes good sleep - consistent bed times and wake up times will ensure your body clock stays in tune with what your normal day is like. It can be very tempting to stay up late and sleep in when we are house bound but this will make it harder to get back into the swing of things when the lock down is lifted. 
  •  Promotes good eating habits - Getting up to have breakfast as well as eating at other normal meal times will also help tamariki feel secure and give them some normality during their day. 
You can start off small and implement a morning 'wake up' routine and a evening 'bedtime' routine. Here is a link to give you some ideas. You could hand make something with your Tamariki.