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September madness Nga Teina

September Nga Teina

During the month of September our focus was on sensory science. And a week of Tongan language week. We had a week of making collage Tongan flags, making and tasting some of their traditional sweet foods, colouring in patterns and making our own tapa cloth with wet tea bags and we also made some head bands with beautiful patterns on them. The children really enjoyed learning about another culture and listening to and watching their music and dancing.

The children enjoyed the endless opportunities to get their hands messy and explore with their senses, even the teachers enjoyed getting their hand all dirty. The clean up however was something from a hurricane. We did science experiments, we did eatable science, we did colour mixing, shaving foam,  coloured sand, ice and much much more. Everything was hands on and all the children got to join in every second of fun. We got to watch as white flowers turned to different colours from the dyed water. So much learning was going on during all these experiences while the teachers sat with the children and explained what was going on.