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Spin Art

Spin art is a favourite experience here at Kids Count Tawa. We use dye in some droppers and drip different colours of dye onto a piece of paper that has been stuck to the bottom of a salad spinner. The Tamariki appear to really enjoy watching the dye drip and mix together on the paper. It makes some really cool and funny noises as the dye squirts out onto the paper. When there is lots of dye dripping on the paper we put the lid on spin! The spinning can be a little tricky to get coordinated but with a little help all of the tamariki are able to manipulate the handle and spin the paper inside the salad spinner. It is very exciting to see the end result of the spun dye on the paper. All of the Tamariki use the same colours and as you can see in the photos all of the pieces of work look quite different! We have displayed the masterpieces on the door as you leave the centre and the parents have made some really lovely comments about the creations. 

Signing "red" with Rinoa. This is a great way to practice our colours!
We have had lots of postitive feedback about our display