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String Art - Whanau Session

String Art! We provided this experience a few months ago for the children and there was a lot of positive feedback from the staff and whanau about the results. This week we were lucky enough to run a art session with the mothers and children. They have made some stunning pieces of artwork that will be displayed at their prizegiving then can be displayed in their homes. It was such a special moment to see our tamariki creating with their mothers. To create using string art you will need: 

-Canvas or good quality card

-Acrylic Paint (on the thin/runny side)

-spoon/popsicle stick to put the paint onto the string/canvas


To create the desired effect the string needs to be placed onto the canvas in a S shape. When the string is pulled down through the paint the curves in the string mix the paint together to create the look. We discovered the more paint in the blobs and the more curves in the string resulted in some very effective patterns on the canvas. 

We are so lucky being connected to HHT and having the opportunity to facilitate sessions like this between the mother and their children. The children get the opportunity to share an experience with their mothers and can see their mothers as learners alongside them.