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Toilet Training is Fun, Fun, Fun!

Kids Count Tawa

The Teachers of Te Whānau Āwhina have a goal, and this goal is to support and guide our older children to become competent and confident in using the toilet. We started the last term with only two children using the toilet, we are now pleased to say with support and parent partnership we now have majority of our children using the toilet.

As Teacher's we understand that during early childhood, children/ Tamariki learn another self-care skill that gives them more independence than any other skill they will learn during this phase of life - toilet training. It's also one of the self-care skills that parents, caregivers, and families/ whanau most anticipate, as leaving nappy duty behind is a huge relief. Toilet training is a controversial topic. How soon should children learn to use the toilet on their own? What is the best method? Should parents or caregivers use pull-ups or go cold turkey with real underwear?

To support and help educate our parents, caregivers, and families/ whanau.

We the Teachers of Kids Count Tawa have created a pamphlet that contains information about toilet training.So when our mums receive these pamphlets they will have some answers to the questions above and plus more.

On that note there is no the best or wrong technique to use for toilet training, however it is extremely important that the toilet training phase not be rushed. Just because children are physically ready to toilet train does not mean that they are mentally or emotionally ready to do so. Successful toilet training depends on having all three factors (physical, cognitive and emotional readiness) in place.

by Justin Toru

Te Whānau Āwhina Kids Count Tawa