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Welcome back! - Separation Anxiety

We at Kids Count at Tawa would love to welcome our tamariki and their families back from the Christmas/NY break. We have hit the ground running and it is so lovely to have the children in our temporary space at Linden School. (The move was very successful thanks to the hard work of the staff and our wonderful manager Lisa)

Everyone has come back refreshed and ready for the school and it is very impressive how many of the tamariki have come back and settled back into their routines with us at the centre.  Having such a big break over the Christmas period can unsettle a lot of tamariki and whanau. A lot of our tamariki are at the age and stage where separation anxiety can kick in. This is a very normal phase tamariki go through at differing levels of intensity.

As our tamariki grow they become more aware of their surroundings and the familiar people around them, they start to form strong relationships and bonds and it is understandable that they can become agitated, upset or anxious when those people leave.  There are ways we can support our tamariki through these times. This article on separation anxiety sums up the subject quite nicely. Remember the staff are always available to talk with and would love to support you and the tamariki.

Follow the link to read the article