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Kia Ora and Welcome to Town and Country Kids

At Town & Country Kids Pukekohe, our primary focus is to ensure your child is safe, genuinely cared for, and valued so that they get the best start to their school lives. Central to this is establishing lasting bonds with families and the broader community—relationships that endure even after children graduate to 'big school' and the next stage of their learning journey.

Engaging with families is fundamental to our philosophy. This engagement provides children and their families with a deep sense of belonging and confidence, extending the security of their primary home to include Town and Country Kids. Our approach enables our staff to genuinely connect with each child, ensuring their happiness, growth, and preparation for their unique futures in partnership with the children's whanau.

Our centre offers dedicated areas suitable for different age groups, accommodating babies, toddlers, and older children, including five to six-year-olds. Each space is designed for safe learning and exploration.

Every child is included and catered for in our program. Our expansive outdoor space resembles a park with large open areas of natural grass, room to run, play team sports, abundant trees, bike tracks, natural garden areas, and adventurous activities.

One of our distinctive features is our farm, which houses chickens, Nigerian dwarf goats, and miniature sheep. This provides children with direct learning experiences with animals and opportunities not typically accessible to town-based children.

Furthermore, our indoor heated pool serves dual purposes: water safety and confidence-building. It is accessible and offers swimming lessons tailored for children from 4 years of age, and these lessons are free.

At Town & Country Kids, children actively participate in their learning journey. Their innate curiosity and enthusiasm transform our environment into a dynamic and adventurous learning space.

Aligned with Te Whariki's vision, we steadfastly believe that 'children are capable and confident learners. They are adept communicators, holistically healthy, and secure in their sense of belonging, understanding their valuable role in society.'

Our goal is to recognize and nurture the potential in every child—to provide them with the opportunity for their star to shine brightly.

Session times

All Day
7:30am to 5:30pm

7:30am to 12:30pm

(Free for 2-5 year olds)

12:30pm to 5:00pm

(Free for 2-5 year olds)

Caters for ages 0 - 5 years

09 238 6640

Our Rooms

Purerehua is our Pēpē Ruma

For ages 0 – 2 years

Our babies are encouraged and supported to reach their individual developmental stages and milestones. Developing their fine and gross motor skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Social and cultural contexts and characteristics are also observed in a safe nurturing learning environment.


Kaiako are also encouraged to support the development of tamāriki by providing new and familiar experiences for exploration and challenge. Both the curriculum and routine of the Purerehua room is flexible and unhurried catering for the needs of the children first.

pukekohe, child care, child playing, child exploring, child learning
pukekohe, child care, child playing, child exploring, child learning

Kahikatea Ruma

For ages 2 to 3 years


Our tamāriki are encouraged and guided by teachers to develop and expand their areas of growth. As the tamāriki continue to grow and develop a greater awareness of themselves as learners in the Kahikatea room, relationships, exploration and communication are represented throughout this learning environment.


Kaiako are encouraged to support the tamāriki in each growth aspects such as toileting, recognition of numbers, letters, colours, shapes as well as their communication and creativity skills. Embracing their social and emotional development, self-regulation, self-awareness and emotional intelligence through play opportunities, trying out new ideas and using their imaginations as they explore and experiencing new challenges physically, mentally and holistically.

Totara Ruma

For ages 3 to 4 years


Kaiako are encouraged to actively respond to the development of knowledge, skills, strengths, interests, dispositions, and needs of the tamāriki that support lifelong learning, and at times providing them with additional support. The children are developing social skills that support them to establish and maintain friendships and participate reciprocally in whanaungatanga relationships, they are developing working theories, problem solving strategies, perseverance and determination and are curious about the world around them.


Many of our tamāriki in this age group are competent bilingual or multicultural speakers, they are strong in their identity, language and culture, the children’s personalities shine throughout this environment as they too are encouraged to be leaders of their environment and do so with such pride and confidence.

pukekohe, child care, children playing, children exploring, children learning, children looking at plants
pukekohe, child care, children exploring, children learning

Kaiarataki Ruma

For ages 4 years and older


Tamāriki have the ability to explore the transition to school aspect within their early childhood setting to grow into successful learners who will grow as competent confident learners on their lifelong journey of exploration.


Kaikao support each child with their social competency skills and managing self-skills to become confident learners by supporting them to think clearly and solve problems, to have the confidence to ask questions and expand their knowledge as they use skills in their learning environment. Kaikao provide experiences that introduce children to early concepts of maths, science, art, reading and other curriculum areas.  Tamāriki learn not just basic numeracy and literacy, but the learning happens through play, following each child’s individual interests and extending their ideas and thinking. Numeracy and literacy becomes a part of everything we do and our children develop an interest and passion for learning.


We have incorporated the primary school curriculum that focuses on pathways to school and Kura. Incorporating a holistic view of the children’s development that encompasses the attributes that complete the child; te tinana, te hinengaro, te wairua and te whatumanawa these are woven into the Kaiarataki Ruma. It’s well known that children who start school feeling confident and capable are better placed to have learning success for life. We want that for each of our tamāriki attending Kids Count Pukekohe.


When tamāriki are due to go off to school, our centre family support person ensures that we celebrate their achievements with us and plans a graduation for all whānau to attend. Every child has the right to reach their full potential and what better way to support that, than to send them off on to their next learning journey with a great Graduation Party.

pukekohe, child care, room

What our parents are saying ...

Now things are beginning to become surreal, it was just a tad emotional for me knowing that my boys will be commencing a new chapter in their journey of life.  I just cannot express how grateful I am to all you wonderful staff at Kids Count Pukekohe.  I'm sooh sooh gonna miss this place for it has been apart of our lives for 5yrs and a bit so not only have you all been educators for my boys you are all like our whanau. Ngā mihi mahana Kia koutou Katoa ngā kaiako me nga kaiawhina Kaimahi hoki

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